Project name:

„Croatian Open Paintball Series - 2015


The project holder:

Paintball club „Kalnik“ Križevci - Croatia


The persons responsible and contact information:


          Toni Jukica - President of Paintball club „Kalnik“  

                                     COPS manager


                       Mladen Martinić Marketing associate



Matija Olić  - Marketing associate



Paintball as a sport is now active for more than 10 years in Croatia.The first tournaments where made in a 3man form. Now we have 2 divisions, division A and division B,  in a 5man form with limitations of 8 teams in a division.This is first year of CroatianOpen Paintball Series (hereinafter referred to as „COPS“), made at whole new profesional level.   


  Place and time of performing the project

 The COPS is administrated by the paintballclub „Kalnik“ - Križevci, the officialfield is in the old military complex, inside the center of Križevci just 50  kilometers outside Zagreb.


 Time and date


There will be four (4) tournaments atyear, defined dates for the 2015 seasion are:


1.    Round Saturday,  16.05.2015.

2.    Round Saturday,  20.06.2015.

3.    Round Saturday, 12.09.2015.

4.    Finals – Saturday, 17.10.2015.


 Location information


As it says the officialfield is in the old military complex, inside the center ofKriževci, Croatia. City Križevci are known as a center of adrenaline sports (climbing - mountains Kalnik, bicycling, hunting, paragliding, fishing, riding and paintball). The city is the traffic center of the region and a lot of fun.


The tournament will be played by „Official PSP Rules“ (The PSP events website , is the most up-to-date source of information regarding each PSP events paintball event).